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Charles Sorrels has maintained his independent art glass studio since graduating Cum Laude with an MFA in Glass from Rochester Institute of Technology School for American Crafts. Sorrels' sophisticated palette and unique approach to forms define his distinctive style. He describes it as "a contemporary interpretation of Nouveau"... a new nouveau.

While attending Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Island, Maine in 1986, his inspirations were turn-of-the-century French glass blowers, such as Emile Galle, and more contemporary glass artists, such as Fritz Dreisbach. The resulting influence on his work was a balance of skilled control and of free-form style that still informs his designs today.

After finishing his MFA in 1988, Sorrels built his first solo studio in Alfred, New York. He now works in his custom-designed studio in Pennsylvania, and his pieces are shipped to 49 states and 7 other countries. In addition to having his glass in museum collections, art galleries and major retail stores, Sorrels also works with art consultants, architects and interior designers.

The profile of the studio reflects Sorrels' diverse talents & skills. While his main focus is the hand-blown glass furnace facility, the skill sets of the studio also include slumping, fusing, mold-casting and an extensive area dedicated to glass restoration. This range allows for custom as well as production projects from art objects to architectural applications and bespoke lighting designs.